The Story of the Founding Fathers’ Debate Over Presidential Power

By Ray Raphael

After breaking away from monarchy, convention delegates faced theoretical indecision on the creation of a single American ruler. Who would speak first?

Millennials: Generation Misunderstood

by David Schimke

The millennials will change the face of American politics, but no one—especially progressives—should take them for granted.

The Hollowing Out of Democracy

By Noam Chomsky, from Internationalism or Extinction

Noam Chomsky warns of the spread of modern fascism around the world.


Dr. King, Poor People, and the Need for Compassion

By Kevin Powell

The full name of the March on Washington was “The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” because the ability to sit anywhere on the bus or at a lunch counter meant nothing if one could not afford to ride that bus or to buy a meal at that lunch counter.

Impeachment, Trump, and the Joker Movie

by Kevin Powell

White male privilege and its violence takes current culture by storm.

Christianity and the Cult of Trump

By Miguel A. De La Torre, from Burying White Privilege   

The president’s following originates from a problematic heritage.

What the Year 1619 Means to Me

By Kevin Powell

The damage of slavery has never been repaired.

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